Ksenija Malia Leban

Ksenija Malia Leban Interview


Born into a family with a deep connection with nature, spirituality and traditional knowledge, Ksenija Malia’s greatest ambition has been to live her life fully. Life has gifted her with experiences that affected the very core of her being, as well as those that bestowed upon her the restoring powers of healing and transformation. 


Ksenija Malia has been working closely with the spiritual teacher Tony Samara for 16 years. She is a Birth and PostPartum Doula, as well as a DreamBirth Doula, supporting women, children and families from before conception well into parenthood, a Red Tent Activator, a Red Tent Facilitator offering Inner Maiden Healing programmes, and a Red Tent Activator Trainer (certified by DeAnna L’am), an Advanced Moon Mother (initiated by Miranda Gray) and a Womb Awakening Practitioner and Teacher (certified with the Fountain of Life). 


She is a strong believer in the power of rituals, especially those supporting the greatest transitions in our lives, the gift of breath, the wisdom of the body, the magnificence of the womb - and the heart, as well as presence. 


Ksenija Malia lives with her life companion, a children’s book illlustrator, Gorazd Vahen and their home-schooled teenage son.


FB page: Rojenica

FB: Ksenija Malia Leban

Website: www.rojenica.si (undergoing a birthing process)

Contact: ksenija.leban@gmail.com

Rodna Zemlja, zavod, Visoko - Ig,

Slovenija - Eu


T: +386 41 790 757


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