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Howard Straus

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Howard Straus

Author, Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless

Founder and President, Cancer Research Wellness Institute

Founder and President, Totality Books/Gerson Health Media

Host, The Power of Natural Healing webcast on

Howard Straus, Dr. Max Gerson’s grandson and Charlotte Gerson's son, graduated from MIT in 1964 with a degree in physics, and worked for most of his professional life as a computer systems analyst, with a brief stint as a US naval officer during the Viet Nam conflict.  He is the author of Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless, a gold-medal-winning biography of Dr. Gerson published in April, 2002.  He served for 15 years on the Board of the Gerson Institute, and over a year as its Vice President for Communications.  He was Editor-in-Chief of the Gerson Healing Newsletter for nearly ten years, and initiated the Institute’s Worldwide Web presence during the earliest days of the Internet.  Mr. Straus was the founding Director of the Gerson Healing Center in Sedona, AZ, which provided the Gerson Therapy® for just over a year.

Mr. Straus is currently President of the Cancer Research Wellness Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the dissemination of information on the Gerson Therapy and other successful cancer therapies.  He has a popular weekly Internet interview broadcast on “Health & Wellness” channel, regularly bringing real, usable health information to over a hundred thousand listeners around the world.  He often receives telephone and Internet queries from desperate patients, newly diagnosed with some “dread” chronic disease, looking for guidance and counsel in their quest for successful holistic treatment.

Mr. Straus also founded Totality Books, which, under its imprint of Gerson Health Media, publishes Charlotte Gerson's books, documentaries and booklets, his own biography of Dr. Gerson, and manages the rapidly expanding library of translations of these books being published around the world.  He appears regularly on radio, television and Internet interviews, and for over a dozen years annually addressed crowds in Asia, from Thailand and Singapore to Tokyo.  Through these lectures, the Gerson Therapy has become widely known and respected in several Asian countries, with literature and video available in several languages, as well.

Mr. Straus lives in Carmel, California.

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