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Since early childhood Dusan Donko was interested in finding the source of true power, self-cultivation and the way of self-accomplishment. The path of discovering the truth, meaning and purpose of life has brought him to Daoism and its understanding of the Qi flow in a human being, nature and the universe. 

In 2001 he founded, together with his life companion, Bernarda Pavič The association for strengthening body, mind and spirit, Tao In along with the School of Life and Eternal Youth, where he continuously transfers his abundant knowledge to all who wants to complement their life force, health or spiritual vitality and to all who want to learn about Daoist wisdom of natural law.

In 2007 he became a close disciple of Wudang grandmaster You Xuande, a leader of 15. Generation of Wudang Xuan Wu Pai, well respected Daoist School of internal martial arts. In 2013 he founded Slovenian Taoist association, Taoas. Till 2009 he attended all study programs on Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and significantly improved his teaching and counseling skills.

Today he is an acknowledged Instructor for all five branches of Dao metaphysical studies: mountain (Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Dao Yin, Nei Gong, Fang Zhong), medicine (Daoist self-healing methods, traditional Daoist medicine, nutrition and herbalism), destiny (Ba Zi, Zi Wei do Shu astrology), physiognomy (Feng Shui, Mian Xiang – face reading, Shen Xiang - body reading, palmistry) and divination (Xuan Kong, Yijing).


Till this day he remains a passionate Student of Life who creates new programs. He co-wrote two books; “Simply: Healthy” and “Simple solutions for 108 diseases” and “Dao annual almanac”.

Recently he lounched World First Personalized calculator of energy supported days, BaziWay, where you can find your personal best and lucky dates for health, love, partnership, dating, wedding, conception, bussines, investment, opening, meetings,  travel, real estate for selling, buliding or renovating…



Currently he is making online study programs and one of a kind Feng Shui excursions where students can experience true Feng Shui treasures such as dragon nest and valuable sources of energy in nature along with some elements of Daoist self-cultivation and self-improvement.

Official web site: http://www.taosvet.si/

Rodna Zemlja, zavod, Visoko - Ig,

Slovenija - Eu


T: +386 41 790 757


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